2023. Azione #41 – Suspended Rocks at Sou’wester Arts – Seaview, Washington (USA)

ACTIONS PER in/FINITE FORMS 2 (2016-2030) 

Artist residency 12-18 March 2023

The focus of Arts Week 2023 is SHIFTING CYCLES our 4th Annual Arts Week. The Sou’wester hosts 30-35 artists and art collectives for a week of residency work culminating in a weekend (Friday and Saturday) of music, studio tours, performances and installations. 3728 J Place Seaview, WA 98644 Souwesterlodge

Portrait with installation by Sora Blu.

Site choice in the woods: looking down, looking up.

Day one: Placement of the 262 containers.

Photos Sora Blu and Sandford&Gosti.

Day two: Placement of the rocks.

Photos Sandford&Gosti.

Day three: Completing with color and water in the containers.

Photos by Sora Blu and Sandford&Gosti.

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