2020 Azione #29 – Suspended Rocks video, 12 seconds max, @baseartspace, Seattle (USA)

12 Seconds Max
April 19th @baseartspace Curated by Alyza Delpan-Monley

Suspended Rocks performed at Sound Scene – Smithsonian Hirshhorn Museum, Washington DC.

Curators note: As Adrienne Maree Brown reminds us, “There is a
conversation that only the people in this room right now can have. Have it.” We can still have that whole-hearted connection between the performer and the viewer. Let’s have it. Together. Alone. In twelve seconds or less.

12 Minutes Max was originated by On the Boards in 1981 and passed on to Base in 2017. Each edition is curated by different community members.

Base extends warm thanks to Alyza Delpan-Monley, Allexa Laycock, and all our wonderful applicants!

Support for Base comes from 4Culture Sustained Support Program, Bossak Heilbron Charitable Foundation and Office of Arts & Culture Civic Partners Program.

Learn more about Base at thisisbase.org. Follow us: @baseartspace.

Base Staff

Dayna Hanson, Co-director
Peggy Piacenza, Co-director
Dave Proscia, Technical Director Allison Burke, Operations Manager Julia Sloane, Operations Manager Kate O’Day, 12MM Coordinator/ Technical support

12sm run crew: Julia Sloan, Kate O’Day, Alyza Delpan-Monley

Base Board of Directors:

Sarah Rudinoff, President Jim Kent, Vice President

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