Azione #57. Suspended Rocks – Morphos Sustainable Empires, Palazzo Albrizzi, Venezia (Italia)

Venice – June 6 2014 – Palazzo Albrizzi, Fondamenta Sant’Andrea Cannaregio 4118

80 rocks and 80 jars – rocks and glass – lightness, delicacy, liquidness, and transparency that lend themselves to support/sustain the concepts of heaviness, solidity, materiality, and opaqueness a visual metaphor, a message of urgent necessity to build a sustainable future. The piece creates an expression of the need for balance and structure, of contrast and tension, and of the contemporaneous existence of manmade and natural objects. It reflects the very idea of “sustainability” and of contrasting identities that work together to create a single world. The sound created by Ricky L. specifically for this performance accompanies the noise made by the installation of the rocks and jars and adds to the auditory sense of tension.

Curated by Luca Curci







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